About us

The founders of OmniGear are professionals who got their start working in the production world in the industries of live sound, touring and AV. They soon realized that the products they had created had tremendous value in a number of other industries including utilities, construction, security, warehousing, and mapping among many others. OmniGear is a brand parent company of Gig Gear LLC but caters to people working in practically any field and any environment.

Omni Gear is your go to solution for all things work. At Omni Gear, we strive to create unique and innovative products that suit all work environments whether out in the field, on a site, or at your desk. Our innovative safety products will keep you safe and efficient on a job while our work from home solutions will help keep your work and private life separate.


Daniel Shatzkes

Daniel Shatzkes is the Founder and CEO of Omni Gear Group, the parent company of Gig Gear LLC. As the CEO, Danny is responsible for overall success of the company as well as being the main “idea man.” Danny has successfully brought a number of innovative products to market, often introducing a new product or an updated version of an existing product every 6 months. By launching Omni Gear, Danny hopes to continue providing innovative safety products and work solution products to various industries across the globe.


Evan Grazi

Evan Grazi is the Co-Founder and Director of Sales at Omni Gear Group. Evan joined his brother-in-law, Danny, in 2018 as a salesman for Gig Gear LLC in order to take some work off of Danny’s ever-growing plate. As the National Salesman for Gig Gear, Evan was a key figure helping Gig Gear grow exponentially year over year. Together, Evan and Danny founded Omni Gear Group in order to service the various industries that were already using their innovative safety products and work from home solutions. Now, as the Director of Sales for Omni Gear Group, Evan hopes to continue growing the business year after year.