Virtually Covered When Working from Anywhere

The COVID pandemic of 2020 and 2021 proved that the need to be able to remotely work from anywhere is essential. But sometimes the environments that workers find themselves in are not always the most conducive to being able to present themselves professionally when video conferencing with others or presenting to peers or clients. The need to easily convey a professional environment or background is just as important, if not more, as it was before the pandemic.

The good news is that most video conferencing platforms provide a "virtual background" feature uses technology to superimpose an image in the background while keeping the presenter's face and body in the foreground. This however, is not without it's faults and everyone has experienced the "halo effect" when one is moving around in a virtual background, or the "ghost head" effect when a person moves too far from the camera, or another individual suddenly gets too close.

Using an actual physical background onto which the virtual background can be projected is most definitely the ideal solution. It's even better when that solution is portable, designed for smaller spaces and offers options for what kind of background with which to present. All of these features truly allow someone to work from anywhere - a messy bedroom or kitchen, a coffee shop, a backyard or a temporary office or co-working space - while still maintaining a professional image. 

The right solutions for professional video conferencing ensure that "work from anywhere" is truly possible without sacrificing any professionalism.