The Ultimate Hand Protection for Your Most Important Asset

When working with tools we always make sure to have the best bags, cases, boxes and other protection to keep those tools safe and in the best condition possible. But what about our most important asset - our hands? Those should be foremost on our minds and should always have the ultimate protection.

There are an almost innumerable amount of work gloves available in all different varieties. But it always seems that work gloves need to compromise in one area in order to offer great features in another area, inevitably requiring them to be taken off for one reason or another. An ideal work glove should be a "No Compromise" work glove that never needs to be taken off, keeping the hands protected the entire time, regardless of the task.

OmniGear's Omni Gloves do just that. With fingertip material that is conducive for touchscreen capabilities there's no need to remove the gloves to use a phone or tablet. And, most importantly, the first three fingers on each glove have removable fingertips that make it easy to perform fine motor tasks while keeping the gloves on. Even while the fingertips are removed from the fingers, they stand upright and still provide adequate protection to the fingers from behind in the event of an object swinging or falling onto the hands.

Don't leave your most important assets unprotected or covered with mediocre safety gear. Omni Gloves are the only way to go when it comes to the ultimate hand protection.