OmniGear Blogs

  • Working With Mobile Devices Out in the Field

    Working in the field can present multiple challenges, especially when the need to utilize a mobile device is a necessity. The right equipment can ensure the best possible way to interface with the device.

    The Two Hand Touch line of harnesses makes working with tablets out in the field easier, safer and more efficient than ever.
  • The Ultimate Hand Protection for Your Most Important Asset

    When working with tools we always make sure to have the best bags, cases, boxes and other protection to keep those tools safe and in the best condition possible. But what about our most important asset - our hands? Those should be foremost on our minds and should always have the ultimate protection.
  • Virtually Covered When Working from Anywhere

    The COVID pandemic of 2020 and 2021 proved that the need to be able to remotely work from anywhere is essential. But sometimes the environments that workers find themselves in are not always the most conducive to being able to present themselves professionally when video conferencing with others or presenting to peers or clients. The need to easily convey a professional environment or background is just as important, if not more, as it was before the pandemic.